A track record of success

Future Perfect has been operating for almost 30 years, during which time we have worked with organisations of all sizes, in many market sectors.

Specialist proofreading for marketing and business

Established and operated by English language specialist Matthew Male, along with Dave Hunt and Elaine Fuoco-Lang, Future Perfect’s service fits seamlessly into an organisation’s design workflow, offering an exceptional assurance of excellence in written communications.

Enlist a proofreading specialist

There’s no doubt that all marketing materials and business communications must be thoroughly proofread. The key question is: who does it?

Most often, the task falls to a designer or the person whose English is ‘the best in the office’.

Despite the unquestioned importance of their communications and marketing, surprisingly few organisations engage a professional proofreader.

Correcting more than spelling alone

Even professional proofreading often falls short of the mark, because many proofreaders typically check primarily for spelling mistakes. While this obviously needs doing, there are many other equally poor mistakes in written communications, such as:

  • inconsistency.
  • bad grammar and mismatched syntax.
  • ambiguous meanings.
  • typographical and layout errors.

While a document or web page can be free of spelling errors, it can still be embarrassingly bad to read.

Software spell-checkers and grammar-checkers aren’t good enough

Modern spell-checking tools have improved and are certainly useful, but are far from perfect. For instance, the UK English dictionary in Microsoft Word contains many words and phrases which are really US English – for instance, it doesn’t understand the difference between ‘which’ and ‘that’. The spell-checker in Adobe InDesign is similarly flawed – indeed, if anything, it is less sophisticated – but is relied on by most design agencies. Specialist online proofreading and grammar tools can be an improvement on these, but still fall far short, often letting through flawed text as if it were a job well done.

How Future Perfect is different

Focused squarely on marketing and business communications, Future Perfect goes far beyond checking for spelling mistakes, to assess all relevant aspects of a written piece. We also pay equal attention to grammar, syntax, consistency and meaning. As if that weren’t enough, we ensure that text doesn’t contain any of the common typographical mistakes which can spoil its look, flow and meaning.

As far as we are aware, no other proofreading company offers a comparable service.