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Whatever you create, we’re your safety net. We’re here to help to make your work as good as it possibly can be, freeing you to do what you do best – create.

Flexible workflow

We’ll work the way you work. We’re happy to accept text in all mainstream file formats or to work using one of the many online collaboration tools.

Responsive service

Accuracy is vital, but so is speed. We’re used to providing the kind of turnaround which marketing departments, advertising agencies and marketing companies seek.

Highly experienced

We’ve provided professional proofreading services for almost 30 years – helping organisations with everything from annual reports to websites.

One hundred per cent of companies said that writing errors influenced their opinion about a business and 57% would eliminate a prospective company from their list, if a print brochure had just one writing error. Three out of 10 web visitors will leave a website, if it contains writing errors.

Source: A survey of business professionals

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Grammar and communications hints and tips

Not sure about the right way to spell a word – or how to phrase a particular sentence? Check our hints and tips to find out how to avoid common spelling and grammar mistakes.

Just plain wrong

While English is a flexible, ever-changing language, some things are just plain wrong. Often, we find them creeping into our documents or into everyday, mainstream communications.


Easy mistakes to make

Some words may sound the same, but, if you alter just one letter or two – they have a different meaning. It’s no wonder that we see these used incorrectly, even within mainstream news, media and print.


Just for fun

One of the great joys of the English language is the way in which twists of spelling or grammar can create humour, either on purpose or inadvertently. Here are some of our favourites which play on words for the sheer fun of it.


Evolving words

Ultimately, the English language has always belonged to the people. Evolving words, with competing spellings, are often a source of heated debate. How do you know which is the right one to use – and is there a ‘right one’?



We’re proud to have worked with organisations both large and small, across many industry sectors – including some of the UK’s best-known brands.

Since 1993, we’ve dotted the Is and crossed the Ts for companies such as:

  • Pret
  • Sage
  • Weatherspoon
  • WHSmith
  • Xerox

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