English language and grammar rules, hints and tips

Stuck with a written English problem? Here are some helpful answers to some of the most common spelling, grammar and language questions.

Just plain wrong

While English is a flexible, ever-changing language, some things are just plain wrong. Often, we find them creeping into our documents or into everyday, mainstream communications.

Easy mistakes to make

Some words may sound the same, but, if you alter just one letter or two – they have a different meaning. It’s no wonder that we see these used incorrectly, even within mainstream news, media and print.

Just for fun

One of the great joys of the English language is the way in which twists of spelling or grammar can create humour, either on purpose or inadvertently. Here are some of our favourites which play on words for the sheer fun of it.

Evolving words

Ultimately, the English language has always belonged to the people. Evolving words, with competing spellings, are often a source of heated debate. How do you know which is the right one to use – and is there a ‘right one’?