Clients and testimonials

Future Perfect has around a 30-year history of working with creative teams for both online and printed publications.

What our clients say

We have what it takes to keep clients very happy: accurate work, a quick turnaround and a flexible service. However, don’t take just our word for it – read what our clients say.

Thesaurus Computer Service

“Future Perfect provides an invaluable, very accurate and consistently fast review service for all of our marketing material. Poor grammar and bad spellings in marketing material can be embarrassing, at best, losing you substantial business, at worst. The only way in which we could meet our need for a cost-effective method of achieving zero defects was to use Future Perfect in our production cycle.”

Mike Vinten, Managing Director
RM plc

“Matthew, of Future Perfect, is excellent. His knowledge of English is superb and he is always consistent, reliable, professional and very personable. Matthew also takes time to explain amendments, which means that our in-house skills improve the more we use him.”

Laura McGilligan, Corporate Communications
The Design and Marketing Company

“The attention to detail at Future Perfect is overwhelming – it’s an added string to our service bow. It means that we can use our time here in those areas which are our speciality and leave the nitty-gritty of written communications to someone in whom we have complete confidence. Then, when the clients love the net result, our agency goes from strength to strength!”

Simon Meads, Managing Director
Remarkable Group

“Producing grammatically correct copy and proofing clients’ work accurately are vital to the service which Remarkable offers, using Future Perfect as our assured safety net for those documents on which our image relies. Allowing our teams to benefit from Matt’s skills means that we are no longer trying to proof artwork solely within our team, but can send it to Future Perfect and get it back practically the next day – flawless, with additional hints on why things were altered.”

Nathan Davies-Pugh, Director

“Future Perfect is a great service, ensuring that we get an excellent end result in our written communications, giving us the confidence to send documents out which will represent us well. Matt’s knowledge of syntax and his helpful hints and tips are great. His attention to detail means that we can concentrate on our core roles and let him polish all our hard work.”

Shan Williams, Managing Director

“We have fun working with Future Perfect. Finding that you can’t necessarily rely on a dictionary was a worrying realisation… now, we know where to turn, to make sure that our communications are spot on and, most of all, consistent. Ensuring accuracy is essential to good communication. ‘Smelling mis-steaks’ can often get in the way of the message which you’re actually trying to convey! The multiaward-winning websites which we create would suffer if they didn’t have Future Perfect’s diligent eye cast over them first.”

Syd Nadim, Managing Director

“Following a free, if ruthless, review of our website home page, we bowed to Future Perfect’s expertise in making written English look the best it can. Intergage now uses Future Perfect for all mass outbound written communications and we actively recommend its services to our customers. We now have absolute confidence in the quality of our text-based marketing materials and have gained great credibility by association, thanks to working with Future Perfect.”

Will Noble, Managing Director
Lindon Parriss

“Future Perfect plays a vital role in providing advanced copy-checking services for Lindon Parriss. These services ensure consistency across all of our work, grammatical correctness and, of course, no typographical errors. We simply would not consider printing anything before Future Perfect has cast its analytical eye over our work.”

Alison Parriss, Director

“Our strategy is to provide simple, clear, concise messages to the customer which avoid misinterpretation or confusion. Future Perfect helps us to do this, with an efficient service which takes the stress and pain out of preparing our printed communications. I am very happy with our working relationship to date. Reducing customer complaints is always a plus for WHSmith. There are notable benefits to the relationship – we have not had any customer complaints about grammar for some time now.”

Nikki Williams, Promotions Manager
Labrow Marketing

“I have worked with Future Perfect for over 20 years; the majority of our work receives the benefit of the company’s expert input. Using Future Perfect leaves us to focus on our own core skills and ensures that the work which we produce is as error-free as possible and communicates in the most effective way. Undoubtedly, part of our success has been as a result of Future Perfect’s input.”

Peter Labrow, Director
Hampshire County Council

“Hampshire County Council Countryside Service has worked with Future Perfect for 12 years or so and values the expertise which the company provides, but also its commitment to tight timing.”

Marilyn Meeks, Rights of Way Officer
Investment Homes

“Under the crushing pressure of having to compose a speech for a charity event, a close friend introduced me to Future Perfect and Matthew Male. Having spoken to Matthew, my anxieties began to dissipate; he reassured me that he could execute the job to my satisfaction, and that is precisely what he did. I could then deliver my speech in complete confidence, knowing that I would be word perfect. As a director of a development company, I often have to produce literature for marketing new homes; since grammar is not my forté, I rely heavily on Matthew’s expertise to save the day (naturally claiming all the credit myself).”

Jane Karpinski
Ad Astra Career Management

“Future Perfect provided all of the vetting work for the documents I prepared when I launched my business, including business cards, letterheads, detailed marketing material and the website. What I value about Future Perfect is not just checking the grammar and sentence construction, but also a ‘sense check’ across all documents/media. This ensures that the message is understandable to the desired audience and also visually consistent. Frequently, Matt notices inconsistencies which have, thus far, been overlooked by design, production and print teams; for that reason, he is invaluable at the end of the process. Matt approaches his work with a thoroughness which comes from a passion for language and a delight in making communications clearer, rather than simply doing a job.”

Claire Coldwell